Market Knowledge and Practical Mind

Utelias manager has the combination of skills and experiences to bring you the right information to enter french market :

  • He masters the skills for economical studies, that he has continously conducted since 2004.
  • He also has operational skills. Between 2006 and 2009 he has been in charge of developping a sector of activoty for its Irish employer. Between 2007 and 2008, he has also been in charge of 2 important construction sites.

Bridging between cultures

Utelias manager has had a long experience managing projects involving different cultures

A special link with Ireland

  • Fabien Vidal has been working for 4 years for an Irish Company, running projects in France, Ireland and United Kingdom, linking the company with economical partners from Belgium and United Kingdom.
  • He has had a long relationship with Entreprise Ireland. During 2008, he has been assisting Entreprise Ireland as he member of a steering comitee for a an economical survey.

An opening to other cultures

  • On a mining project in the Pacific Ocean, Utelias Manager has been managing a team of 12 persons, counting up to 10 different nationalities (from Israele to Filipino). He has also been the link between its irish company's managment, the australian and canadian customer's management  and the french local administration and suppliers.
  • Appart from its Irish experience, Fabien Vidal has been working and running projects in various other countries (Australia - 2001, United Kingdom - 2002, New Caledonia - 2007, Kazkhastan - 2009, Spain - 2010)