Utelias can conduct a wide range of studies

Short overview (1 or 2 days)

A very short intervention, to gather readily available information on a sector.
You get a quick feedback and just enough information to get a rough idea of the activity in a sector, as well as identifying some operators.

Example : Short overview of the French soup sector, realised in 2012 for an Irish meat producing company.

A day has been spent to gather some figures about the french sector, the main operators and some recent events. Some generic and low priced studies have been found on the sector and pointed-out at the costumer.

Overview (5 to 10 days)

A mid-sized intervention, to search information on a sector, process data, identify the main operators, and conduct some interviews.
These studies allow a finer understanding of a sector organisation, as well as a focus on a specific question (such as getting some operators feeling on the sectors evolution, the identification of inovative technologies and operators, or benchmark different regions,...)

Example : Overview of french technologies for nitrogen removal in effluent, realised in 20087for an Irish company.
7 days have been spent to indentify french technologies for nitrogen effluent in effluent and interview experts from local institutions and administrations.
The French and European context had been described, as well as the general technical layout of effluent management. A list of french technologies has been provided, with the operator contacts, technical descriptions, advantages and disadvantges.

In-depth study (30 days to 50 days)

An in-depth description of a sector, which allows a deep understanding of its mecanism, actors, and trends.

Example : Description of the french milk industry, realised in 2012 for a french bank.

  • World, European, and French trade
  • French and European regulation
  • Distribution (circuits per products, operators, and evolution)
  • Processing  (operators per products and localisation, financial analysis, recent aquisitions, and evolution)
  • Production (Localisation, finacial analysis, nature of relations between production and processing)
  • Focus on 4 french producing areas
  • Comparison between French, Italian and German producing areas
  • Sector evolution

Larger socio-economic studies

Utelias and its manager have been frequent partners of the AND cabinet, to conduct large socio-economic studies for organisations such as the EU Commission, ministry of agriculture or local administration.

These studies range from local to European scale. The team include wider range of competences, and budget allows deeper surveys.

Example : Evaluation of the "common organisations of the market" for fruits and vegetable, being realised in 2012, for the ministry of agriculture.

60 produceur organisations, representing 40% of french fruit and vegetable production have been interviewed.