Methods and data sources

Utelias uses simple but effecient methods to conduct its studies

  • Data processing from public data base :
    Utelias is experienced in using public database such as European goods production (ProCom), European exchanges (Comext),...

  • Data processing from paying data base :
    Utelias, and its partner AND are experienced in processing french and European Companies financial informations. These data can be processed at a company or sector level.
  • Available information :
    business-to-business publications, press release, previous studies conducted by other cabinets or organisations,...
  • Direct or phone interview with the operators

Network and international projects

Utelias has set-up a network of partners for specific studies

  • Cabinet AND international :
    a 40 year old cabinet, counting 10 consultants, specialised in agriculture and food industry. Utelias manager and AND have been frequent partners. AND can bring its expertise in the food industry, sector financial analysis and its experience in building teams for European level studies.
  • Support for international studies :
    Utelias can directly conduct studies in France, Belgium, German, Austria, Spain, Ireland and United Kingdom. Through its manager's international activites, a international network of partners has been netted. These partners behave has local relays for Utelias, to group the right skills for each specific study. These studies would be led by Utelias
    • Central Europe - (Slovakia, Czec Republic, Poland)
      Peter Kosalko, founded the Company K-Corp in 2002 and is now hiring 15 persons. Is experienced in providing services in Central Europe, and from Central Europe to the whole EU.
    • Hongkong
      Nicolas Schmitt, has created different companies in Hong Kong since 2006